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Fifteen years ago we set out to create a company that focused on delivering great patient experiences. We love what we do and we only employ and work with people like us. We always want to be proud of everything we do as it’s our reputation on the line. At the end of the day, it’s our patients who decide if we’ve been successful. Please have a look at what some of our patients have to say about us.

"I was trained in dance by Arthur Murray, appeared in his tv show, and was a first place gold North American Dance Champion. As a Top Teacher Award winner, I love and enjoy teaching others to dance. It's imperative that I be able to hear clearly and communicate well with my students.  Louise at Your Hearing Now and my Oticon solution are superb. My active lifestyle places a lot of demands on my hearing aids and these meet the challenge. Thank you!"  Jan-Olivia von Nick

"I was in the Army in the 87th Infantry from 1944-1946.  I still have a piece of shrapnel in my back from Germany and received a Purple Heart.  Plain and simple, I want to hear.  This is why I’ve been with Louise for 11 years and couldn’t be happier. These hearing aids are work horses.  Thank you for the home visits when I’ve needed them and for your good service."Ted Ingram

“I’ve worn hearing aids for over 10 years and I’ve had several pairs. So I’ve got a pretty good basis to judge what’s new and fancy.  My hearing aids from Your Hearing Now are 100% better than anything I’ve ever had. I’d given up hope of ever hearing my grandchildren on the phone.  The tv was so loud my wife couldn’t stand it. Now I can enjoy what I’ve been missing for years.”

“I already had aids but I couldn’t hear well with them.  I was really getting discouraged about ever being able to hear.  Who can afford the exorbitant prices?  I absolutely can’t believe how things have changed for me since going to Your Hearing Now.  These gals really went out of their way to do everything to help me.  I’ve told many of my friends about them.  The best part is the modest price. I hope my friends follow my advice.”

My husband, Hector, is a Medal of Honor winner.  We travel the world for various events and I’ve worn previous aids that I just couldn’t hear with. With all the wonderful people we meet, clarity is critical for me. Thankfully, I don’t have those issues any longer.  Better yet, my son, Dale, went to Louise and is delighted as well.”

“These gals worked with my doctor to rule out a more serious issue with my hearing. I’m relieved a specialist wasn’t needed. The best part for me is that since I have macular degeneration and am not able to drive, they do home visits. ”

"My wife and I are patients and we appreciate the care and time Your Hearing Now has taken with us. We travel and have very active lifestyles and the solutions we have are nearly invisible and extremely comfortable."   Mary & Bruce Gensmer 

“I’ve got friends that say they can’t hear with their aids. My expectation wasn’t very high because I’ve tried other hearing aid solutions too.  The free trial helped me realize just how much I was missing. It was a no brainer for me.”

“All I can say is that these ladies are lovely and will bend over backwards to make sure you’re satisfied with your hearing. It’s a pleasure to work with folks who want to exceed your expectations.”

“I knew I was missing some things here and there but I don’t think I realized how much. These professionals are wonderful to work with and I know I have a top quality hearing product. If you’re trusting your hearing to someone, you want to know they’re giving you the best for an decent price.”

"I purchased my hearing aids somewhere else and these two have been so helpful to me in making adjustments. They have truly gone out of their way to help me hear."    Ian Ramsbottom

 “I couldn’t be happier with my hearing aids! You can’t even see them and they’re so comfortable. I had gone to two other hearing practices before I found Your Hearing Now and I’m so glad I didn't settle. ”

"My wife, Dixie, and I are using the Oticon aids and ConnectLine solution and we love it.  The Streamer is such a great way to hear the tv, our cell phone calls, and our home phone.  It's wireless and the clarity has been wonderful."  Don & Dixie Griffin 

"I was hesitant to get help with my hearing because I wear glasses and I'm on oxygen. To my surprise, having hearing aids has been no trouble at all.  It's important to be patient in the process because I hear far better than I did before."                      Mary & John Chieffo