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Our trained and experienced specialists help patients choose the best product to match their hearing and lifestyle needs. Today, hearing aids are smaller, more comfortable, and most importantly - more effective - than ever before, which explains why satisfaction with new hearing aids is at an all-time high of 90% (Kochkin, 2005.)

Hearing aids today are digital microcomputers that can automatically adjust to ensure sounds are audible and comfortable. With a whole host of twenty-first century features, they’re easy – and even fun – to use.

Even basic models today are light years ahead of the most advanced models of just a few years ago. Research has proven that hearing aids not only help you hear better but can actually improve the quality of your life (National Council on Aging, 1999). It’s no wonder today that Boomers, Gen Xers, teens – as well as seniors – with hearing loss now include hearing aids among their collection of must-have tech accessories.

Our Hearing Devices:

  • Are comfortable to wear in noisy situations
  • Are fully automatic to suite different situations such as listening to TV or speaking on the phone, unless a patient prefers to have the ability to manually control how the hearing instruments operate
  • Automatically adjust so the sounds are not too soft or too loud
  • Use multi-channel technology to give a close match to individual hearing loss
  • Have directional microphones that help patients focus their hearing on what they want to hear in noisy and group situations
  • Are capable of reducing wind noise
  • Detect and suppress annoying whistling
  • Are bluetooth compatible for wireless connectivity to mobile phone, televisions, and more