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Hearing Health Care
for Your Practice

'Your Hearing Now' can bring a hearing healthcare practice to your medical office. 


According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (April 16, 2003), "Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older Americans. In addition, the impact of hearing loss on society will increase not only because the population is aging, but also because the prevalence of age-adjusted hearing loss has increased significantly since the 1960's. Given the prevalence and disease burden of undetected hearing impairment in older persons and the availability of effective treatments, it is important for primary care physicians to screen, recognize, treat, and appropriately refer patients with hearing impairment."

Our trained and licensed staff will become a part of your team to offer comprehensive hearing solutions. Our focus is on education, early detection, and treatment of hearing loss in a non-retail and no-sales-pressure fashion. 

Since 2006, the specialists of Your Hearing Now have been working closely with general practitioners at primary care practices to deliver hearing healthcare that improves the lives of patients. We can do this operating as a separate entity within your practice or as part of your medical staff.

Do your patients have hearing problems? It's often easy to tell if a patient has a hearing problem. They will ask you to repeat yourself or they will only pick up certain words and guess what you have said. This can greatly hinder a physician’s ability to effectively communicate with patients in need of vital medical attention. Often times, the spouse has to act as a translator which also presents risk.

Even though a patient might come in for a different problem, if you suspect they have a hearing loss, it's important to address it.

Research shows it takes people up to seven years to take action. Their family has probably already told them to get their hearing checked, but they are often reluctant to do it until their GP suggests it.

GP's see an average of three to five patients a day suffering from hearing loss. Referring patients to outside audiologists or hearing professionals can be inconvenient to the patient and the physician may or may not be notified of results. 

Having comprehensive hearing healthcare available within a practice allows the physicians to maintain greater control of patient care with the convenience of a broader scope of services. 

Since patients with hearing loss tend to withdraw from their usual daily activities, we’ve brought diagnostic hearing services using our state-of-the-art equipment so patients can begin fully enjoying life again. 

To make the hearing services more accessible to patients, we are now offering hearing services for GP offices.

What We Provide

In addition to the ear health evaluation, we provide the following diagnostic exams to identify potential medical conditions:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to determine history and abnormalities
  • Ear wax inspection via otoscope and/or video otoscope
  • Air conduction
  • Bone conduction
  • Otoacoustic Emission
  • Tympanometry
  • Real Ear Testing
  • Speech Discrimination