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Common Questions

    1. What is the cost?
      We know money is hard to come by these days.  It’s important to know what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. Your Hearing Now is all about value. We use HearingPlanet as a baseline for our pricing and often we are less expensive. Our hearing instruments range from $2,000 to $5,000. We know the importance of getting a good deal. We regularly review our product range to ensure you are getting value for money.
    2. What if I can’t be helped?
      We have developed a reputation for being able to solve the hearing needs of patients who could not be helped elsewhere. If you are not satisfied with your hearing status or have been told that nothing else can be done for your problem, do yourself the favor of paying us a visit. Our specialists love a challenge and take great pride in what we do. No problem is ever too difficult if you are prepared to be patient while we work toward achieving your hearing goals.
    3. What if I don’t like them?
      We want our patients to be happy in their relationship with us.  We strive for excellence with every patient.  This is why we offer a truly free trial for those concerned about being penalized for trying hearing instruments. We’re willing to let our patients try several models of hearing instruments to find the pair (or one) with the technology that feels most comfortable and delivers superior performance given one’s lifestyle. We offer a standard 30-day trial period and custom trial periods in select cases. If you are dissatisfied with your hearing instruments, you may return them within the 30-day period and receive a refund, or exchange them for a different style that better meets your needs.
    4. What happens after I decide to get help?
      At your first appointment, a Your Hearing Now specialist will test and assess your hearing and explain the results to you. Test results, recommendations, and treatment options will be reviewed and discussed with you in detail. If you require a hearing instrument, we help you choose the most suitable device in your budget and ensure a good fit. If you opt for a hearing instrument solution, you will leave with hearing instrument(s) that day.
      At your second appointment, we review your progress, fine tune your device if necessary and provide further education, counsel, and training. Additional visits will always be free.
      Our service includes ongoing support and guidance. A prompt hearing device repair service is also available, if it should be required. While repairs are rare for our patients, if one is required, we offer loaner aids for use during the repair so our patients are not without instruments.
    5. What if my hearing instrument needs repair? 
      Your Hearing Now offers repair service at all of our locations for all major brands of hearing instruments and many of the lesser known brands. Our staff is trained to do minor repairs on-site whether the instruments were purchased from us or not. Hearing instruments are an important investment and we strive to protect that investment for you.
      We aim to provide a same day repair service and our technicians can usually repair a hearing aid on-the-spot while a patient waits. However, occasionally some hearing instrument may need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.  For patients who cannot come into one of our locations, we offer a postal repair service.
    6. Where do I get hearing instrument batteries? 
      Your Hearing Now offers a battery supply and repair service at all of our locations. We sell the Power One brand of hearing instrument batteries, made in Germany, which is the brand that most of our manufacturers recommend.  We sell a six-pack of Power One batteries for $3.00 and we sell all size hearing aid batteries.  For patients who cannot come into one of our locations, we offer a battery and supply service by mail.
    7. Will a hearing instrument restore my hearing back to normal or prevent further loss?
      Hearing devices benefit many people. However, no hearing device can restore your hearing or prevent future loss. The benefits of hearing instruments depend on the degree of your hearing loss.
    8. Will insurance cover the cost of my aids?
      Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids.  Some private health care plans cover the costs of hearing instruments and the coverage varies by plan and policy. Either the patient or our staff can verify with your health insurance company or your employer's benefits manager to find out if coverage is available and the applicable amount. Company plans or unions may offer financial assistance for hearing instruments either through reimbursement or as part of a hearing healthcare agreement entitling you to a discount on hearing instruments from hearing healthcare professionals. We offer most providers’ forms and will be happy to file and process the claims.

      At the federal level, at least eleven insurance plans offered to federal employees through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) include coverage for hearing aids as of January 1, 2009.  May 11,2009 Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) re-introduced the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act (S. 1019) which will provide the opportunity for an individual over 55 to receive a $500 per hearing aid tax credit every five years for those whose income does not exceed $200,000.   For more information on this please visit:

9. What happens if I move away after making a purchase or I have a problem while on travel?
Each of our manufacturers offers an internet resource on their website to locate the closest hearing care professionals to your location.  These can be found for both domestic and international locations and each distributor listed is trained in fitting products. The majority of these professionals will see you at no cost and can take care of any need that may arise for under warranty products.  For patients that prefer to work with us exclusively, we will gladly overnight a self-addressed return overnight mailer to evaluate any hearing product at no cost to you.  We also offer a mail order service for supplies. Our supplies are offered at each manufacture's price with no mark up.

10.What are my payment options?
We're happy to offer a number of convenient payment options including Mastercard, Visa, debit card, Discover, and American Express.  In addition, we offer Care Credit and Wells Fargo for no interest financing and flexible payment plans for those who qualify. We can provide instant credit decisions and extended payment plans up to 48 months with no down payment.  Find out instantly if you are approved and start using your account immediately.